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Unusual Rituals From Around the World for Moving to a New Home

10th January 2020 by Metro Removals

Moving house can be a stressful time, and many people draw comfort from rituals that take the uncertainty away and reassure them that they will be safe and prosperous in their new home. There are a variety of interesting traditions from around the world to choose from, depending on what your religion, beliefs or preferences...

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How to Manage Anxiety When Moving Home

13th October 2019 by Metro Removals

In a recent poll, two thirds of voters felt that moving house was one of the most stressful life events, with it triggering more anxiety than a relationship breakdown or starting a new job.  This seems extreme, so why is it the case? Well, our homes anchor us - they provide a safe, warm and,...

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Moving House: Timescales

11th August 2019 by Metro Removals

Moving home can be a scary process, partly because of just how many unknowns are involved. Timescales are some of the biggest unknowns, simply because of just how much they can vary from person to person and family to family.  In an ideal world, moving home can take around six weeks, but perhaps a more...

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How to Introduce a Cat to Your New Home

27th June 2019 by Metro Removals

With all the stress involved with moving for us, it’s easy to forget about the effect that it could have on our pets. When it comes to cats, we’re in the habit of thinking that they don’t take much looking after. That is, in comparison to dogs, cats are independent and self-sufficient, so there’s not...

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What’s the Best Day to Move House?

30th April 2019 by Metro Removals

Here at Metro Removals, we’re always looking for ways to make the process of moving house a little easier for our customers, ensuring smooth and efficient relocations. As you will know, moving home can feel like a huge task, so any little adjustment to make the process simpler can make a big difference. One important...

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How to Pack Fragile Items When Moving Home

28th February 2019 by Metro Removals

Moving is stressful at the best of times, but when you are tasked with packing fragile items before they’re ferried halfway across the country, things can get a bit much. Don’t worry, though we’re here to help! The most important thing is to take your time. Don’t think, at this stage, that getting the problem...

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Why Do House Prices Rise?

16th August 2018 by Metro Removals

  When we feel as though we’ve outgrown our current home, it can be disheartening to find out that house prices have risen since we last checked. Unfortunately, in recent times, the news that house prices have risen isn’t just likely, but inevitable. The housing market and house prices are influenced by numerous factors, from...

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When Is the Best Time of Year to Sell Your House?

31st May 2018 by Metro Removals

So, you’ve decided you want to move house, but first, you’ve got to sell up. However, with lots of contradictory headlines popping up, it can be difficult to work out when is the best time to do this. Even if you’re aching to get out of your current property, there’s no use in letting it...

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Five Key Questions to Ask Sellers When Moving Home

27th April 2018 by Metro Removals

  Just before you complete and are about to move home, things can get extremely frantic. You’re doing some last-ditch packing, sorting your final bills and booking moving vans, but what else do you need to do? Amid all the panic it can be easy to forget a few things, and that’s OK, but asking...

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How to Move a Wardrobe

20th March 2018 by Metro Removals

When packing for a move, there’s always one item which we dread to deal with. For many, this item is a wardrobe of some description. Tall, heavy and awkward, wardrobes are just a nuisance to move anywhere, let alone into a removal van! So, if this sounds like you, you’re probably looking for some tips...

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