What’s the Best Day to Move House?

Here at Metro Removals, we’re always looking for ways to make the process of moving house a little easier for our customers, ensuring smooth and efficient relocations. As you will know, moving home can feel like a huge task, so any little adjustment to make the process simpler can make a big difference. One important thing to consider is the day of moving itself as it can influence a variety of factors, including the price and availability of removals companies.

With this in mind, this month, we’ll be guiding you through how to choose the day you move home.

Day of the month?

When trying to decide which day of the month you should move home, we would always suggest opting for mid month. It’s certainly one of the quietest times if you want to avoid the masses. This is because many people choose to move home at the end of the month since they are likely to be waiting out the end of a contract or tenancy agreement.

Day of the week?

When trying to decide what day of the week to move, you will find that Friday is extremely popular – it’s the end of the week, you don’t need to book any holidays and you have the weekend to unpack and properly settle in. It sounds appealing, but everyone else is thinking that, too. So, considering that, we would suggest mid week if possible. While you might be forced to book time off, the stress you save by having time in abundance during the day will be completely worth the sacrifice.

Time of day?

Moving can take a long time, which means that it may well take longer than the time that’s been allotted for it – unfortunately, that’s just how it goes. With this in mind, moving at the start of the day would be optimal. Ultimately, you will be fresh and ready for the task ahead, and you will have more time to deal with any potential bumps in the road.


Where possible, people with children will always be looking to move in the school holidays. It makes sense, but it also makes it an extremely busy time to move. If you follow the other tips, the chances are you will find yourself a bit of breathing room. That said, we would still definitely advise against moving home during school holidays, if at all possible.

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